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Our World Partners

FMIN is a relational network, a family, made up of individual partners each with their own unique ministry goals. Our common goal is to expand the kingdom of God together by proclaiming the true Gospel: the message of grace and peace through what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

If you are looking to connect with other FMIN Partners, you can look them up in our partner list by name, ministry type, city or country.

If you are interested in furthering the true Gospel and the outreach FMIN is accomplishing, please consider a donation. And be sure to click here to meet your FMIN leadership and administrative team.

Recently Added Partners:
Dieudonne & Furaha Kivi - Canada
Daniel & Davamani Talluri - India
V Venkatram Naik - India
George Muller Vemuri - India
John Paul & Sheeba Kolukulapally - India
Premkumar & Mary Gandham - India
Benjamin & Shanthi Paladhi - India
Zatah A & Tenneh Nyeneme - Liberia
Yellamelli Ravi Lokesh Kumar - India
Vinay Deep & Preethi Kotamraju - India
Bwana & Cecilia Ondieki - Kenya
George & Leah Odero - Kenya
Judah P & Marian Vah - India
Venkateswarlu Elisha & Jyothi Mathangi - India
Jared & Martha Nyabuto - Kenya
Benjamin & Sowbhagyam Kondepaga - India
Samuel Shamaun - Pakistan
Faustin Munyaneza - Rwanda
Karunakar Tadepalli - India
John Onsoti - Kenya

Partner Birthdays This Month:
Jyothi Sureshkumar - August 1st
Gladys Samba - August 1st
Shankar Shikdar - August 1st
Charles Kibirige - August 2nd
John Nielsen - August 2nd
Premkumar Gandham - August 2nd
Param Jyothi Kollabathula - August 3rd
Suseela Kapula - August 3rd
Talitha Louglin - August 4th
Leocadea Nzabanita - August 4th
Betty Lukwago - August 4th
Richford Thompson - August 4th
Grace Gatoto - August 5th
Sunil Kumar Mekathoti - August 5th
Cindie Crevier - August 5th
Stella Mary Rajashekaran - August 5th
Dr Perumal Paramanandam - August 6th
Yacob Teegala - August 6th
Comoyloa Mumar - August 8th
Douglas Okello - August 8th
Margaret Marisia - August 8th
Tenneh Nyeneme - August 8th
William Sanya Ogongo - August 8th
Angel Lubowa - August 9th
Dave York - August 9th
Henry Vincent Sewava - August 10th
Yesupadam Inty - August 10th
Mercy Kothapalli - August 10th
Norma Gregory - August 10th
Roselyne Wafula - August 10th
Josephine Wandera - August 10th
Charlotte Yazzie - August 11th
Grace Lanka - August 11th
Wilson Hardson Katende Kato - August 12th
Judith Ouma - August 12th
Leon Edwards - August 12th
Moses Katta - August 12th
Richard Dunn - August 13th
Robert Hough - August 13th
John Lucas - August 13th
Sujatha Rani Garnipudi - August 14th
Bharathi Mekathoti - August 15th
Clive Jukes - August 15th
Jane Muiruri - August 15th
Joseph Ikwabe - August 15th
William Kilel - August 15th
Solomon Raju Sodadasu - August 15th
Sharon Rose Paramata - August 15th
Razia Gill - August 15th
Felicien Rutabingwa - August 15th
Challa Karunakar Reddy - August 16th
Bonface Simani - August 16th
Benard Nambafu - August 16th
Ernestine Pah - August 17th
Robert J Hall - August 18th
Steven Paul Potharlanka - August 19th
Krishnajyothi Teegala - August 19th
Vinay Deep Kotamraju - August 19th
Scovia Muwanguzi - August 20th
Benson Situma - August 20th
Pushpakumari Kankipati - August 20th
Tom Green - August 21st
Grace Mutana - August 21st
Christine Edyvean - August 21st
Grady O'Brien - August 21st
Rheba Mutali - August 22nd
Jay Randolph - August 22nd
Alice Wafula - August 22nd
Joshua Mukaria Gatea - August 23rd
Al Green - August 23rd
Vijaya Rani Veeravalli - August 23rd
Everlyn Kenyanya - August 23rd
Albert Makila Mangapi - August 25th
Israel Benarjee Kanikella - August 25th
Hellen Kwalia - August 26th
Cathy Meintjes - August 26th
Adolphus D W Summerville - August 26th
Mary Anaya - August 26th
Nancy Simani - August 26th
Mary Vasa - August 26th
Ed Shirley - August 27th
Neelima Karra - August 27th
Peter Morema Ondieki - August 27th
Augustine Rutaisire - August 28th
Benter Odhiambo - August 28th
John Wilcox - August 28th
Eli Osewe - August 28th
Rose Mwaijande - August 28th
Moses Lubega - August 28th
Nelly Kabuye - August 28th
Loffie Le Roux - August 28th
Raja Kumari Pallepogu - August 29th
Margaret Lewa - August 29th
Lenah Kilel - August 30th
Grace Victoria Gunipe - August 30th
Justus Kaberinda - August 31st
Robert Scheck - August 31st

Partner Anniversaries This Month:
Paul & Pamela Sichone - August 1st
Patrick & Doricas Tiisa - August 3rd
Richard & Norma Dunn - August 4th
William Sanya & Dolley Ogongo - August 4th
Talitha Ishi & Louglin - August 4th
Stephen & Gladys Mwakibinga - August 6th
Vinnakoti & Jyothi Sureshkumar - August 6th
Josue & Mary Anaya - August 7th
Samuel & Gaby Sims - August 7th
Simon & Josephine Wandera - August 7th
Charles Dominic & Jesca Tiondi - August 9th
Ravi & Grace Lanka - August 11th
Blessed & Janeph Mugisha - August 14th
Raphael & Esther Ongango - August 14th
Samson Kayoti Saenyi & Metrine Wanjala - August 14th
Andy & Debbie Greene - August 15th
Doreen & Austin Mwatembo - August 15th
Samuel Mabona & Naomi Kamara - August 15th
Sam & Sylvia Prasana-Kumar - August 17th
Andrew Kamau & Ruth Kuria - August 17th
Praveen & Prasanna Kanti Mahanthi - August 17th
Charles Sonpon Wealth & Patricia Smith - August 19th
Davidson Yowath & Naviga Precious Agnes Nsubuga - August 19th
Sam Philip & Mary Cicil Mathew - August 21st
John & Elizabeth Ombwayo - August 22nd
Martin George Masakhwe & Anne Shikuku - August 22nd
Samuel & Alice Wafula - August 22nd
Octomoliere & Odette Liberius - August 24th
Frank & Susan Tibagendeka - August 25th
Manasseh & Juliette Nsengiyumva - August 25th
Bernardshaw & Victoria Soundranathan - August 26th
Frank & Polly Lunetto - August 26th
Meshack Juma & Retemta Khaemba - August 28th
Branham & Lucy Ogendi - August 28th
Hesborne & Farida Namamba - August 28th
Shalem Raju & Vijaya Rani Veeravalli - August 29th
Ivor & Julie Samuels - August 29th
Tom & Sherry Green - August 31st
Michael & Sarah Mwandha - August 31st
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