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Bill & Heidi Waltenbaugh
Headwaters Contemporary Christian Communities

Orchard Park, NY
United States


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: March 2003

Biography: Bill and Heidi are co-pastors alongside with Ernie and Velina Durbin, as well as church elders, in Headwaters Contemporary Christian Communities, a cell-based ministry focused to reach out and share the life-changing message of the love and grace of Jesus Christ to the non-believers and to those who have been disenfranchised from religion. This ministry began in the fall of 2000 when a small group of believers inside a Presbyterian church were renewed by the work of the Holy Spirit. The result of this Spirit filled revival was the birth of Headwaters ministry.

Small groups meet to worship, study and fellowship and utilize contemporary methods to share the Good News of Christ Jesus.

Strengths: Bill and Heidi are passionate in reaching people for Jesus. Their evangelistic hearts compel them to reach out and give in any capacity and they have done so through donating food, adopting local families during the holidays and volunteering with their local Community Pregnancy Center.

Bill - April 22
Heidi - June 3

Anniversary: May 16

Luke - October 17, 1997
Ryan - October 17, 1997
Austin - October 17, 1997
Joshua - June 20, 2001
Caleb - May 30, 2003

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