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Ted & Georgie Nelson
The Grace Station

Nashville, TN
United States


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2001

Biography: Big Church Alive started in 1996 and was recently renamed The Grace Station. Ted and Georgie are both ORU and Rhema Alumni, giving them a strong Word of Faith foundation, mixed with the prophetic, topped off with a strong grace and faith-righteousness emphasis. Their goal is to see people established in righteousness, so that the Kingdom of God, man's inheritance, and the "restoration of all things" will be fully manifested on the earth through the body of Christ.

Strengths: Ted's strength is his practical, sometimes humorous teaching, and Georgie's is prophetic exhortation.

Ted - February 6
Georgie - January 24

Anniversary: December 26

Family: Ted and Georgie have three married sons (all Rhema alumni).

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