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Jay Charles & Luz Mary Soper
Deaf Missionary Church, Bogota, Colombia, South America

Overland Park, KS
United States

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2002

Biography: Jay Charles has been a missionary since 1991. He served 11 years in Italy as a church planter. He also translated Evangelism Explosion into Italian and taught the first EE courses in that country. In 2002 God gave Jay a new direction and moved him to South America to work with the deaf. Colombia is where Jay met his wife, Luz Mary.

Jay Charles and Luz Mary work mainly with deaf people through a local church in Bogota, Colombia, South America. They also travel throughout Colombia and Latin America. In additional to evangelism and discipleship, they are developing a new translation of the Bible into very simple Spanish for the deaf. Luz Mary specializes in literacy, teaching written Spanish to the deaf. They also are active in a hearing church and lead a cell group from that church.

Strengths: Jay's primary motivational gift is as an evangelist. Being a part of bringing the Gospel to a largely unreached people group is his greatest joy. Luz Mary is also an evangelist and is called to teaching and intercession.

Jay - March 1
Luz Mary - July 12

Anniversary: September 13

Harry Daniel- November 2, 2004
Laura Susanna - October 27, 2011

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