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Seth & Gladys Mensah
Overcomers Generation Church International


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: March 2006

Biography: After years of ministry as a rural missionary, Bible school lecturer, and full-time ministry studies, Seth and Gladys formed Overcomers Generation Church, 20th of May, 2003, with one purpose; that the whole world may know the Father through His Son Jesus Christ. Located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, bordered by the sea, they began as a prayer group. Today, their growth and success are true examples of their church name. In their past culture and religion, the Chief Priest protected the traditions and wielded enormous power. Now, with the spread of Christianity, those powers have been eroded in Ghana.

The Mensahs believe that cell groups are the "heart and soul" of the church. With extreme cell group structure, they accomplish strong discipleship training, caring for the needs of the people and outreach. Seth and Gladys also focus on the children and youth, with the goal to raise up a new generation of believers - overcomers, who are based on the Word of God!

Strengths: Seth and Gladys are strong in prayer and evangelism. They also have strong administrative and organizational skills which serve them in leadership training and caring for the needy.

Seth - March 6
Gladys - December 31

Anniversary: October 5

Phyllis - June 9, 2004
Seth and Gladys also have an adult son, Eugene.

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