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Jairo & Caren Onyiego
Evangelical Mennonite Church

P.O. Box 69
Musoma, 00000
Tanzania, United Republic Of

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: March 2007

Biography: The town of Musoma is one of the oldest towns in the country and is situated at the eastern coast of Lake Victoria in the Mara region. This is where the Evangelical Mennonite Church is located. The church in Tanzania was started on September 21, 1989. Within seven years they had grown to 30,000 members and have continued to grow ever since. They have managed their huge numbers into 27 parishes. Each parish has 1 to 10 churches, and has 25 pastors, 12 deacons and 4 evangelists to minister to the churches. Jairo was ordained to office in 1995 and is in charge of over 40 church leaders, including pastors, who work in all the parishes which have spread out over two or three provinces.

The church's mission statement is, to extend the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in Tanzania, Africa, and to wherever the Holy Spirit may direct us. One of Jairo's goals is to open a Bible college to train and teach the next generation of leaders. Some of his evangelistic endeavors include church plantings, medical services for residents, orphanage program and HIV/AIDS prevention activities.

Strengths: Jairo says, "I personally believe that the Lord has always been on my side. Looking back, as from when I was a teacher, the Lord Jesus Christ always held my hand and directed me step by step from school teaching to the office I now hold."

Jairo - June 6
Caren - May 4

Anniversary: September 11

Family: Jairo and Caren have four adult children, Leonard, Benjamin, Meshack, and Sandra.

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