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George & Berna Senyonga
Victoria Restoration Bible Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2007

Biography: Victoria Restoration Bible Church is in a rural area of Bulumbu, 30 miles from Kampala Uganda, the closest town. The people who live there are deprived of chances for education, and of having health care services nearby. There are more children and old people living in the community because the youth have gone to the larger city of Kampala. There are many widows and orphans because of the AIDS epidemic and as a result of the Gorilla War. Those who remain try to earn a living from farming and are hungry for the Gospel.

The church's mission is to impact moral and social instruction in spiritual matters and observance of ideal Christian virtues and values to live complete lives in Christ Jesus.

Besides their regular weekly service, the church has about five home cell groups with 20 families in each group. It has a large children's ministry and runs a nursery school and primary school which educates 100 poor and orphans free of charge, with 250 students in all. George has started a carpentry workshop to help people learn a trade. They have begun making bricks to build a permanent structure on their three acres of land. Currently they have a shelter built out of 100 iron sheets to escape the tropical heat and rain.

Strengths: George is an entrepreneur whose wise business moves have been blessed by God. He has a heart for evangelism, education, elderly and children's ministries. Berna is very relational and is always reaching out to others in many ways.

George - July 8
Berna - March 5

Anniversary: June 30

James - March 30, 1991
Esther - July 15, 1993
Maria - November 20, 1998
Rebecca -December 14, 2003

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