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Job & Grace Mkama
Faith Tabernacle International

Tanzania, United Republic Of

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2007

Biography: Job and Grace planted Faith Tabernacle International in Musoma, Tanzania, in October 2001 with only four other people, and met in a lounge room. Their ministry had grown to 300 members in 2007, with a growing children's ministry of 80 kids. They have spread out and now have more than 14 acres of land and buildings. In 2007 they began construction of a primary school.

The focus of their ministry is on training leaders and developing a Bible training center, as well as a strong children's and youth ministry.

Job says, "We have many things we are praying for!" Job and Grace have a huge vision. By the end of 2012 they are believing they will have a big church building with more than 5,000 seating capability, a Bible college, bookshop and library, a primary and secondary school, church vans, own more than 200 acres of land and will be prepared for a revival.

Strengths: Job's strengths lie in his teaching ministry, training of leaders and winning of souls.

Job - October 10
Grace - February 22

Anniversary: June 24

Hope Joel - June 3, 1996
Joy Elizabeth - June 13, 1998
Princess Gloria - July 16, 2006

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