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Jon & Kokeb Palmer
Christian Family Church

Gyor, Sopron,


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: February 2008

Biography: Christian Family Church is located in the town of Gyorujbarat, Hungary. It is an old Roman city with a strong Catholic background and was overrun by communists for the last fifty years. The church began in 1980 under communism, as a University Fellowship/College Prayer Group Ministry. It evolved into an illegal underground church until 1996 when they were finally able to become a legal registered church. They have a high school integrated into the church, which makes for a great youth group.

The church is full of excitement! They are a resource church, a training base with a school background literally and spiritually. Their mission statement is: To effect a personal, loving relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and with our fellowmen, based upon God's Word, the Bible, empowered by the Holy Spirit and implemented through congenial discipleship.

Jon says, "I was extremely impressed by the massive positive change I experienced among the teenagers after the FMIN Youth Camp and, since I am a pragmatic charismatic, whenever I see good fruits, I take a good look at the roots! The roots were Dave and Bonnie Duell."

Strengths: Jon's passions are teaching preaching, healing, prophecy, evangelism, encouragement, equipping training and managing. In other words, he's enjoying everything God gives him to do! Kokeb is very artistic, creating art in pencil, chalk, watercolors and paints.

Jon - February 15
Kokeb - October 26

Anniversary: July 24

Isaak - July 1, 1996
Jon and Kokeb also have 5 adult children, Johnny, Tommy, Danity, DJ and Deborah.

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