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John & Cate Ssebayigga
Streams of Life Church

Karuguuza, Via Mubende,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: January 2008

Biography: Streams of Life Church began in September 2002. Before John and Cate began this church, they served God through evangelizing and teaching the Bible to others. They started Streams of Life with only seven people, but the ministry has grown. They now have five branch churches with at least fifty members at each branch.

John says, "We are a community based Christ founded ministry reaching out to nations in order to win souls and disciple them for Christ."

They are happy to be part of the big body of Partners in Faith Ministries International Network.

Strengths: John's strengths are his leadership abilities and music.

John - February
Cate - June

Anniversary: January 13

Babra - February 1997
Immy - March 2001

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