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Geoffrey Muthinja & Ann M'ruthiiri
East Africa Pentecostal Churches

Meru Town,

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: December 2007

Biography: In a church founded in 1953 by the late Norwegian missionary Arnt Walter Olsen, Geoffrey Muthinja serves as general secretary of the pastorate. East Africa Pentecostal Churches explicitly believe in basic Bible teaching as the final authority, and partnering with FMIN is an extension of that belief for the Muthinjas.

Geoffrey, who was youth pastor of his church at the time, attended his first Dave Duell Crusade in 1980, led by Brother Thomas, who was senior pastor. Brother Thomas (Partner Margaret Remi Thomas's late husband) was instrumental to opening Africa up to Dave Duell.

"Ever since I got to know Dave, I always knew that there was something that was left unaccomplished after the death of Brother Thomas," Geoffrey says.

Strengths: Geoffrey is a dedicated, faithful man of God.

Geoffrey - May 5
Ann - December 5

Anniversary: December 5

Family: Geoffrey and Ann have three adult children, Faith, Moses, and James.

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