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David & Jane Nyamita
Hope In Christ Church In Tanzania

Tanzania, United Republic Of

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: January 2008

Biography: Hope in Christ Church in Tanzania opened their doors in 2000 at Kiabakari-Musoma, Tanzania, with only thirty people. They have grown well and now have ten sister churches under their ministry. Their mission statement is to preach the Gospel to all nations and to untie yokes of those who are bound; to assist orphans, widows and poor people as the scripture says in Isaiah 58:6-7. Hope in Christ has an active children's and youth ministry. David is planning to develop a nursery program and offer training to these departments of the church in order to give the church room to grow. Praise and worship is "African style" with a keyboard player and lots of enthusiasm!

The focus of David and Jane's ministry is evangelism, seminars and conferences. They are also focusing on taking care of orphans, widows and church and community development. They take the Good News message to villages and small cities throughout Tanzania and Kenya.

Strengths: David's passions are evangelism and pastoring the body.

David - December 17
Jane - May 10

Anniversary: February 27

Jack David - February 10, 1995
Happiness David - October 10, 1997
Isaac David - November 2, 2000
Dusila David - March 15, 2005
David and Jane have two adult children, Mkaya David and Win David.

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