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Fred & Grace Mwanje
Hope Missionary Baptist Church and GIDCCO



Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: February 2008

Biography: Jinja City lies next to the highway that connects Uganda to Kenya. This makes Jinja a strategic location for business, transport and communication throughout East Africa. Because it is next to the River Nile and close to Lake Victoria, visitors from all over the world have been attracted and interested in Jinja. Just as God brought Moses to Egypt on the River Nile, He brought Christ to East Africa on the River Nile. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea provides the easiest network and connection with the rest of the world, serving global purposes like transportation, communication, international business security and military operations. Fred says, "I had the vision of opening up this church in this area because most of the people had to travel so far. The local leaders had not allowed churches in this area. Through God's plan we managed to open Hope Missionary Baptist Church in 2006."

Before then, charity-based GIDCCO was formed in 2002. GIDCCO stands for Guardians Integrated Development and Child Care Organization. The mission statement of the ministry is: To promote further and give guardians the opportunity to develop and share the spiritual, social, economic and intellectual ideas about needy children in Uganda.

Fred and Grace's focus is raising leaders, planting new churches and helping orphans spiritually and physically. The ministry helps in improving the lives of the children and protecting their rights through the internal knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Strengths: Fred is a very knowledgeable teacher and interesting speaker. Their love for widows and children is evident in everything they do.

Fred - May 2
Grace - June 15

Anniversary: October 3

Gast - November 4, 2000
David - August 11, 2009

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