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Daniel & Debra Ouma
New Life Gospel Community Church

Tanzania, United Republic Of

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2008

Biography: On the eastern coast of Lake Victoria lies one of Tanzania's oldest cities and home of New Life Gospel Community Church. Founded in 1998 by Daniel, New Life Gospel has a strong focus on the country's young people, and Daniel says the church works to free "the minds of the orphaned and desperate street children from all types of drug addictions as we create awareness about the most killing sexual diseases and HIV/AIDS."

Sports, encouragement and love are shared with youngsters who, without New Life, might never hear the Word of God. "Our vision is a church where the people's spiritual, intellectual, and physical needs are fully met as they joyfully, and in harmony with one another, live a life that glorifies God. We glorify God by worshiping Him, spreading the Gospel and making Disciples of Christ, building a strong fellowship that is united in love and peace, providing services to the needy and advocating Human Rights," Daniel says.

Strengths: Daniel's strength is his ability to depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance and inspiration to preach salvation to the lost, minister healing to the sick and bring unity into families to make a family of God.

Daniel - December 28
Debra - March 12

Anniversary: December 24

David - July 8, 1995
Deus - May 1, 1997
Dorothy - Oct. 28, 2000
Mereciana Samuel- 1994

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