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Fred & Winfred Taabu
Great Hope Ministries



Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: June 2008

Biography: Great Hope Ministries began in February 2004 with the mission statement: Ministering deliverance, healing and renewal through evangelism, education and empowerment. They are located in Butema Village Bugiri district of Uganda. It is the center of the county which gives them many opportunities of serving a wide body of surrounding communities known for poverty, high illiteracy and low educational standards. Fred and Winfred began the ministry as a home Bible study group with two other families.

Great Hope Ministries has grown to include 45 churches. Each church has a number of home cell groups, which are home Bible groups that meet weekly to share the work, pray for each other and fellowship at family levels. The churches have children's ministries which include providing academic education, social activities, Sunday School, Bible education and a feeding program. The churches' youth ministries meet weekly at each church, monthly at district levels and once every four months at national levels. They provide youth with tools to enable them to grow into responsible and independent adults able to make good choices and decisions.

The ministry focus is on leadership training and church planting, but they are putting more effort into building a mission base and local churches.

Strengths: Fred is gifted in teaching, pastoral ministry and compassionate giving. He has a strong passion to see that everyone comes to an understanding of scripture.

Fred - May 16
Winfred - October 8

Anniversary: November 21

Sharon - April 2, 1994
Lenna - September 5, 2001
Abi - July 1, 2003

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