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Alejandro & Marlene Flores
The Jesus Is Lord Ministries

Digos City,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: August 2008

Biography: With a vision that their ministry will double, Alejandro and Marlene look to the future with confidence God will meet their needs. Indeed, He has worked mightily since Alejandro was moved to resign his job as a forklift operator in the late 1990's to work full time for the Lord through The Jesus is Lord Ministries. Alejandro recounts the humble beginnings of the ministry, when he and his family rented a small house of worship and lived there. He had no income, and the family subsisted on guavas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The congregation began to grow and today includes individuals who at one time persecuted the Flores family. Those people are "now in the church, and we became friends," Alejandro says. In addition, the government officials have "given us the privilege to preach the Gospel to the provincial office of the governor with all the employees every Monday."

The Pentecostal church has cell groups as well as children's and youth ministries, and its focus is on young people, evangelism and crusades. "I see that the ministry will be doubled, with a great penetration of the Gospel through television and radio in cities. I also see many children coming to Jesus," Alejandro says.

Strengths: Alejandro's strengths are in preaching and evangelism. Both Alejandro and Marlene are gifted in caring for children. They have 25 orphans in their home. Marlene has a beautiful singing voice.

Alejandro - June 8
Marlene - November 10

Anniversary: May 20

Athaliah - June 28, 2000
Alejandro and Marlene also have two adult daughters, Cherry Lyn and Cathie Lyn.

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