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Moses & Faith Yimba
Healing Springs Church

Wakiso Central, Wakiso,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2008

Biography: Healing Springs Church began in September 2006 in the Yimba home with twelve adults and ten children. Within months they had grown to where the home was not big enough and they built a church building. The mission statement and vision of Healing Springs is to reach out to all those who need the gospel, to expand the kingdom of God and to be a healing spring to all the sick in the community.

The church has a growing youth department that participates in preaching the Gospel to the community in door-to-door evangelism as well as dance, drama and singing. The focus of the ministry is on children, youth and the elderly as well as healing and evangelism.

Strengths: Faith and Moses operate in the gifts of wisdom and healing and are good communicators.

Faith - June 14
Moses - March 8

Anniversary: September 19

Kutesa Deborah - December 2, 1994
Nabukenya Mercy - October 5, 1996
Mwesigwa Moses - December 26, 1998
Mugaga Esther - April 23, 2003
Faith Kisakye - November 3, 2005

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