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Tomas & Christine Kanito
Full Time Prayer House Ministries


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2008

Biography: Full Time Prayer House Ministries began in 1999 as a small house church. It has grown quickly into a large ministry with 26 churches. Tomas and Christine began cell groups for group ministry and fellowship which they divided into the zones or wards of their city. Their mission is to reach the lost of Christ. The focus of the ministry is youth and leadership training.

Tomas and Christine are looking forward to working together with FMIN and the rest of the Partners as the body of Christ.

Strengths: Tomas moves in the gift of an apostle.

Tomas - March 7
Christine - January 21

Anniversary: January 16

Nandera Faith - July 7, 1993
Sanya Tomas - April 16, 1995
Oundo Vision - November 20, 1998
Harvest Oundo - January 25, 2001
Generous Oundo - April 12, 2003
Consistance Oundo - April 12, 2003
Tomas and Christine also have two adult children, Auma Prosper and Ajiambo Everline.

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