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Pinka Gold & Everlyne Loyep
Christian Volunteer Network Africa


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: December 2008

Biography: Christian Volunteer Network Africa is an evangelical mercy ministry which began in 1989 by Pinka and Everlyne. Their goal is to equip society with efficient means of development through evangelism and fighting poverty, diseases and ignorance. They also empower women for church leadership.

CVNA is located in Mbale, an area that has few Christians, but Pinka tells us, "through evangelism and open-air meetings people are coming to Christ." The focus of the ministry is on youth, leadership training, prayer and discipleship training.

Pinka and Everlyne have a vision to equip local pastors and church leaders for efficient and rapid expansion of God's Kingdom on this earth.

Strengths: The Loyep's strengths are teaching and preaching.

Pinka - January 4
Everlyne - July 9

Anniversary: May 19

Frendon - June 21, 1996
Praisey - April 5, 2001
Pinka and Everlyne also have an adult son, Wycliffe.

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