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Raymond & Naomi Mutama
Universal Pentecostal Christian Fellowship Church Kenya


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: December 2008

Biography: Universal Pentecostal Christian Fellowship, or UPCF Church Kenya, was started in 2000. Though it is still a young church, it is growing quickly because of their evangelism work. They have a very active youth ministry where the youth are in charge of praise and worship and are involved in evangelism missions to reach other youth. Raymond tells us, "My passion is for children and youth for they are the leaders of tomorrow."

UPCF Church Kenya has several community development programs including education, health, environment, water and sanitation, orphanage, humanitarian assistance, rehabilitation, media, socio-economic income generating programs, and social services. Their target groups are people of all walks regardless of gender, status or race especially the most vulnerable groups which include children, youth, women, widows, orphans, elderly, HIV/AIDS infected and affected, disabled and poor.

Strengths: Raymond is gifted in the five-fold ministry gifts and is a talented administrator, evangelist and teacher.

Raymond - June 6
Naomi - February 10

Anniversary: February 26

Purity - January 24, 1993
David - April 20, 1998
Sarah - March 15, 2002
Daniel - February 28, 2006
Samuel - February 28, 2006 (Twins)

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