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Benson & Jesca Situma
Grace Baptist Church/Universal Amazing Grace Ministries


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: December 2008

Biography: Benson and Jesca began a fellowship and prayer meeting in their home in 1998. At the same time, Benson began preaching in the town. The group grew, and by 2000 they moved into a school. They have been able to minister to the students, teachers, parents and the community. The focus of Grace Baptist Church is leadership training, youth/children, community, prison evangelism and counseling. The town of Bugiri has six zones, and the church has trained six leaders to minister to the Christians in those zones under the guidance of a pastor.

In 2004, Universal Amazing Grace Ministries was officially started. UAGM began as Christian volunteers ministered to families affected by HIV/AIDS, street children and widows by giving them food and clothes and showing the love of God to them. They are now able to support them in education, health and economic development. Their goal is to create a firm foundation for Christian economic development.

Strengths: Benson and Jesca are strong in preaching, teaching, encouraging, loving and caring. Benson says, "The One who gives me strength is the Lord Jesus Christ."

Benson - August 20
Jesca - December 15

Anniversary: February 20

Family: Benson and Jesca have four adult children, Mariam, Lameck, Lydia, and Juliet.

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