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Kallu & Mary Ratna Sekhar
Divine Bible Churches

Andhra Pradesh,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: February 2009

Biography: Divine Bible Churches was begun in 1962 by the late G. David, who was converted from the Hindu religion. The church is a social service and religious organization working to lift up the poor and oppressed groups in the society by providing shelter to the orphans and aged and helping widows and organizing medical camps with the cooperation of doctors. Kallu is the administrator of this organization and is a pastor, social worker, trusted advisor and a compassionate mediator for the poor. Kallu and Mary have many years of experience working with many Christian ministries and with the tribal people of Andhra Pradesh.

Kallu tells us, "Our churches have a vision to take the work of God and the simplest way of salvation to the least person by visiting the villages, constructing worship centers and encouraging Christians to spend time with the Lord. We have a vision for the youth and children to be raised in Christian discipline. We desire to eradicate dreadful diseases in the country by education. We also have a vision to establish homes for deserted aged people and orphaned children."

Strengths: Kallu and Mary have great compassion for those in need and are faithful in ministry. Kallu is a gifted in administration.

Kallu - February 9
Mary Ratna - January 18

Anniversary: May 24

Shiney (daughter) - October 11
Daniel - November 11
Joel - June 7

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