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Peter David & Anthonia Ike
Christ Landmark Gospel Church Intl.

Imo State,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2009

Biography: Christ Landmark Gospel Church, also known as Church on the Rock, began in July of 2003 in the home of Peter David and Anthonia with about 50 members. Since that time, the church has been progressive in every aspect of Christian life and church growth. They currently have four branches of the church in Nigeria. Peter David tells us many souls have been born into the kingdom of God through their evangelistic programs and outreaches.

The vision of Christ Landmark Gospel Church is to:
1. Gather regularly and as often as possible,
2. To call believers and unbelievers out of places, conditions or situations God has not destined they should be by means of preaching, prayer teaching and evangelism including electronic media,
3. To go to every part of the world to preach the gospel,
4. To use God-given talents, gifts, resources and ministries to build and expand the kingdom of God, building up each other,
5. To encourage and train up the brethren.

Strengths: Peter David and Anthonia are gifted in preaching, teaching, leadership training, administration, evangelism and children's ministry.

Peter David - May 18
Anthonia - June 6

Anniversary: February 9

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