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Andrew Wally & Margaret Sikani
Grace Campaign for Christ Mission


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2009

Biography: Grace Campaign for Christ Mission started with seven people in 1998. The area of Kakamega Town, where the church has been planted, is a non-developed Islamic area, which made the first seven years very difficult. But in 2007, the ministry broke through the hardships and has grown to start three churches. The Mission has an active children and youth ministry, and they have plans to build a school. They also have cell groups, with each cell group encompassing 250 meters, each containing 13 members.

The vision of the ministry is to bring up people of integrity through pastoral ministry, teaching the Word of God and evangelizing in order to build up a strong army of God to influence the world for the kingdom of God.

Strengths: Andrew and Margaret's strengths are pastoring, evangelizing and intercessory prayer.

Andrew - February 23
Margaret - May 22

Anniversary: April 16

Grace Neema Wally - December 21, 1997
Charity Elizabeth Wally - December 26, 1999
Esther Glory Wally - January 10, 2004
Andrew and Margaret also have two adult children, Meanclate Winner, and Collins Victor Wally.

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