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Abbey Ssemayengo & Mary Kaggwa
Muwanga United Christian Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2009

Biography: Muwanga United Christian Church started in 1998, with branch churches following in 2004 and 2007. The vision of the church is to spread the gospel everywhere possible, open up churches and reach every heart for Christ.

The church has children's ministry, and they take time to train their teachers so they can train the children to know God. The youth ministry has organized counseling and seminars every other month, and it is Abby and Mary's desire that the youth be transformed in their way of living spiritually and physically through this. They also have cell groups which meet in homes Monday through Thursday, with everyone coming together on Friday for all-night prayer.

Evangelism projects include door-to-door evangelism, mass crusades, helping the needy, elderly, orphans, disabled and those infected by HIV/AIDS, seminars and training.

Strengths: Abbey and Mary's strength come from depending on God and the gifts He has given them. Abbey is a gifted administrator.

Abbey - May 15
Mary - May 5

Anniversary: February 27

Kisakye Ruth - May 12, 1995
Nakagga Gloria - June 20, 1996
Nabwemage Milly - September 27, 1998
Nantinda Linda - April 15, 2004

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