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Samuel & Anet Nvuyekule
Kitembeyi Restoration Bible Church

C/O PO Box 34
Kiboga, Kampala 00000

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2009

Biography: Kitembeyi Restoration Bible Church was started in 1989, but the church building had been abandoned when Samuel and Anet became the pastors. Samuel tells us the area was bush country with wild animals shortly before the church was started. People settled the area family by family, then started the church. It is now the mother church to three other churches.

Samuel and Anet are also involved in training and equipping pastors and leaders of churches and organizing discipleship seminars, conferences, team and generational ministries. They also organize prayer revivals, deliverance services and have a healing ministry.

Strengths: Samuel and Anet are gifted in administration and teaching.

Samuel - May 12
Anet - January 4

Anniversary: March 16

Mbabazi Esther - December 28, 1994
Monday Phanuel - August 3, 1998
Nyanzi Joash - January 7, 2001
Samuel and Anet also have two adult children, Kasumba Michael and Namaganda Ruth.

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