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Jeremiah Zacharia & Monica Ngosso
Nyashimo African Inland Church

Tanzania, United Republic Of

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2009

Biography: Nyashimo African Inland Church started in 1992 with 87 members and has continued to grow. The focus of the church is to train the leadership in order to grow spiritually and also to involve the church in prayer. Their vision is to help widows, children and orphans to grow spiritually and physically. The church has an active youth group which meets on Wednesday and Thursday of every week in order to worship together and learn the word of God.

Their evangelism projects include person-to-person evangelism, open-air meetings and visiting the sick in the hospital.

Strengths: Jeremiah and Monica's strengths lie in teaching, preaching and counseling.

Jeremiah - May 5
Monica - June 14

Anniversary: July 23

Janeth - July 18, 1998
Zacharia - December 21, 2000
Obadiah - January 29, 2003
Agnes - February 6, 2007

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