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Geoffrey Nyongesa & Phelister Ndombi
Angel of Mercy Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2009

Biography: Angel of Mercy Church is located in a very Muslim-dominated area of Mombasa. The ministry began in 1986 preaching to people in the coastal regions, ministering to street children and orphans, holding crusades and conferences and praying for the sick. The focus of the church is leadership trianing, although they continue to reach out to the community in every way possible.

The church has an active nursery, children's and cell group ministries. Their youth gather every Saturday afternoon for door-to-door evangelism.

Strengths: Geoffrey and Phelister are gifted in teaching, singing and prayer.

Geoffrey - July 18
Phelister - February 10

Anniversary: June 24

Micah - June 30, 1993
Gerishon - April 24, 1996
Dinah - February 2, 1999
Davis - September 22, 2004
Gift - April 8, 2006

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