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Kitoka Sebula & Vumilia Coleta Dosse
Jerusalem Revival Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2010

Biography: The Makindye division of Kampala City is dominated by Muslims, but that is where Kitoka and Coleta planted Jerusalem Revival Church in 2006. The focus of the church is to spread the Gospel to all nations and bring about Revival. The church has specialty cell groups such as one for youth and one for women. They minister to the children, raising them up in the way of our loving God. The youth focus on organizing crusades and trips while preaching the Gospel. The ministry also organizes leadership seminars.

Evangelism goals include the desire to hold crusades from district to district, establish new churches in those districts, establish a Bible college, Bible library, and send evangelists to outside countries to preach the Gospel to the nations.

Strengths: Kitoka and Coleta have pastors' hearts with a gift of hospitality.

Kitoka - June 5
Coleta - June 1

Anniversary: May 14

Masoka Bernadeta - June 1, 1999
Mali Noela - December 24,2001
Amina Samisange - August 20, 2002
Bora Ahadi - October 15, 2004
Mary Kabale - Autust 20, 2006
Safi Kito - March 25, 2008
Jenedict Mbilizi - September 15, 2009
They also have five adult children, Mukobelwa Fidele, Mukindikwa Amaani, Thamali Sandra, Nadya Amuyabo and Lydia Mukeina.

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