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Jared & Caroline Nyandika
Omoringamu Fellowship


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: September 2010

Biography: Omoringamu Fellowship began in 2007 with only a few members. The church is located in a small town named Omoringamu, or blue gum, from the tree that was on the main road many years ago.

Though they have had many challenges, the church has continued to grow. Their goal is to reach the lost with the Gospel and to cater to the needs of unprivileged orphans. They have opened an orphanage and desire to open a nursery school, a youth training centre and begin holding leadership training sessions.

Strengths: Jared and Caroline have a heart for children and those in need.

Jared - June 17
Caroline - September 3

Anniversary: February 4

Brian and Bivon - December 17, 2009
Faith - March 21 2006
Denis - April 26, 2006
Victor -January 11, 2005
Egra - December 28, 2000
Rodah - May 19, 1998

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