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Francis & Beatrice Okwir
Agape Love Ministries


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: September 2010

Biography: Agape Love Ministries was started in 2002 with the desire to initiate a ministry that would show life, warmth, and genuine brotherly love in the body of Christ. The goal was to revitalize and revive the church, evangelize rigorously, initiate and develop intercessory prayer, train intercessors, and practically execute charity work through ministering to vulnerable groups such as orphans, widows, street kids, the aged, and HIV/AIDS victims.

The church has cell groups which share the word of God, evangelize the community and bear one another's problems. They also have a children's ministry and a large youth ministry, which has a praise and worship team, choir, and drama team. They organize witnessing outings, Bible studies and events. The ministry wants the youth to be equipped for the work of God, spirit-filled, live a righteous, holy and fruitful life, and to grow to be effective visionaries. Outreaches include door-to-door evangelism, prisoner's ministry, hospital ministry, school evangelism, and ministry trips to Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Strengths: Francis is a gifted teacher and pastor, with a deliverance, intercessory prayer, and prophetic ministry. Francis and Beatrice have very compassionate hearts for the vulnerable.

Francis - February 13
Beatrice - November 11

Anniversary: April 16

Jacob - June 13, 1993
Ocero Daniel - December 11, 1998
Adar Joshua - January 10, 2000
Francis and Beatrice also have adult children, Ogwang Emmanuel, Opio Chrisopher, and Ocen Benson.

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