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Kaleem & Phebe Masih
Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan



Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: February 2011

Biography: Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan, or CEMP, is a large ministry which operates two churches, Evangelical Church Rawalpindi and Christ Church Islamabad. The motto of CEMP is "serve as Jesus gave you example to serve". Kaleem and Phebe work in this ministry as youth, teen, and children's pastors, and in managing crusades, conferences, and seminars.

The ministry has a large children's program with Sunday School centers in each church, and are looking to expand in different areas. They go into the streets and preach the gospel to children through movies and stories. The youth ministry is very active, reaching out to the unsaved whenever possible.

CEMP has two main focuses. First, to strengthen the churches by giving pastor refresher courses, training youth leaders, and planting new churches. Secondly, to lift up the Christian community by formal and spiritual education, and skill development.

Strengths: Kaleem and Phebe are gifted in administration and counseling with the ability to communicate to the young and old alike.

Kaleem - July 5
Phebe - March 18

Anniversary: July 13

Hephizbah - July 1, 2003
Arioch - December 30, 2004
Dursilla - November 19, 2007

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