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Peter & Beatrice Simiyu
Bethesda Missionary Fellowship of Uganda


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2011

Biography: Bethesda Missionary Fellowship of Uganda was started in 1995 with only three people and has grown quickly. They are in the process of constructing a permanent church building, and have also dug a well, which is very helpful to their community since they don't have safe drinking water. The church has cell groups, nursery, and children's ministries. Their youth ministry holds seminars, going from church to church and to the secondary schools to preach to the youth. Their goal is to help the youth know the word of God fully. They plan to begin a secondary school to help those who are unable to pay for their school fees, as well as the orphans. They also plan to have a polytechnic training school where they can train youth in music, tailoring, masonry, carpentry, catering and nursing. The ministry helps their leaders to go to Bible college so they can be trained to do the work of God.

Peter tells us, "My vision is to reach the unreached through evangelism and crusades, and my prayer is to get powerful instruments for the work and for training leaders who will later carry out the work."

Strengths: Peter is gifted in preaching, teaching, and singing.

Peter - March 18
Beatrice - December 26

Anniversary: September 20

Moureen Nabwire - August 8, 1993
Hellen Nafula - December 27, 1998
Dorcus Naliaka - April 4, 2000
Macy Kwagala - May 4, 2004
Caralyne Mukhwana - February 18, 2008
Scott Mulongo - February 18, 2008

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