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Sheriff & Jestina Mansaray
New Birth Evangelical Ministry

Sierra Leone

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: May 2011

Biography: New Birth Evangelical Ministry was founded in 1995. The church began with five members in a school room. Sheriff began in the ministry as the youth pastor; he met the need in area after area and became the associate pastor of this fast growing ministry. Today, they have a primary school, five pastors, and a large congregation.

The ministry has a children's ministry, a youth ministry for youth from 12 to 20, and cell groups that meet every week. The focus of the ministry is prayer and deliverance, loosing people from the grips of the enemy and on to salvation. Sheriff says, "God is using us in the area of healing the sick and oppressed and still have the passion to see more souls come into His Kingdom."

Strengths: Sheriff and Jestina have pastor's hearts and are able to step up to meet the needs in the ministry, wherever they may be.

Sheriff - April 9
Jestina - March 3

Anniversary: December 15

Blessing Sheriffina - March 12, 2005

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