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John & Oliver Ssenyonga
Set Free Christian Church and Ministries


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: June 2011

Biography: John and Oliver began serving God many years before beginning the church in the ministry of helps as an usher, a youth leader and as a deacon. Set Free Christian Church and Ministries was started in 1991 as a small group of fifteen people, many of whom were youth, who came to join them after intensive door-to-door and mass evangelism. Starting with a temporary structure, they continued to grow and eventually built a structure that accommodates 350 people. John tells us, "We hope to expand the size of the church because many people are joining us."

The vision of the ministry is setting people free from the domination of the devil. John says, "Evangelism sets people free by making the Word of God accessible to them."

The ministry has a children's and nursery program, along with a youth ministry based on discipleship. The focus of the church is prayer. Evangelism projects include four mass evangelism crusades each year with four weeks of door-to-door evangelism. John feels this is achieved by prayer and trusting God. They have also begun evangelism missions in Tanzania and Kenya, and holding Bible conferences. Outreaches also include agribusiness projects, church planting, pastoral training, support to ophans and vulnerable children, and support to the aged people.

Strengths: John and Oliver's strength is evangelism and prayer.

John - May 20
Oliver - July 7

Anniversary: October 26

Moses - March 4, 1993
Wisdom - February 5, 1994
Emmanuel - June 2, 1995
Samuel - December 19, 1996
Joshua - February 2, 1999

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