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John Fredrick Odhiambo & Hellen Okello
Onyalo Biro Orphans and Widows Project Kenya


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: October 2011

Biography: Onyalo Biro Orphans and Widows Project Kenya was started in 2005 by Fred and Hellen with the mission of giving hope to the hopeless. Their vision is to have a society where infected and affected orphans share the same privileges as other members of society.

Fred and Hellen love children of all ages, serving as youth pastor and children's pastor in their local fellowship. Their passion is in giving hope to the hopeless, and betterment of children including receiving salvation.

Evangelism projects include involvement with the Mother Teresa Foundation, World Vision and caring for the old aged.

Strengths: Fred and Hellen are gifted at showing the love of Christ to those in need. They love working with children, dancing and praying.

John Fredrick - April 26
Hellen - December 12

Anniversary: May 25

Purity - August 24, 1999
Joy - September 28, 2000
Shannon - November 1, 2005

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