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Mulumba & Jennifer Kakooza
Wattuba Christian Fellowship Ministry



Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2011

Biography: Malumba and Jennifer co-pastor Wattuba Christian Fellowship Ministry, located in the village of Wattuba, about 10 miles from Kampala. The ministry began in 2004 with a major emphasis of preaching the word of God, and is dedicated to working with all communities to reach their full potential by uplifting their standards of living both physically and spiritually. Their goal is to be a catalyst of spiritual and economic development that will empower Christian communities at the grassroots to experience a better life. Their objectives include:
1. To strengthen evangelism and church planting within their communities.
2. To oversee the development of education, agriculture, environment and sanitation.
3. Provide education for girls, the poor, orphans, and adult education to fight child abuse, child sacrifice, and protect orphans, vulnerable children and women from oppression.
4. Increase household income through training, small business development, and increased access to micro-credit funds.
5. Increase prevention, control and cure the spread of malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB.

The church has nursery, children's and youth ministries, along with church services on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Every Tuesday the evangelism team goes door to door sharing the Word of God, and every Friday church members visit the elderly of any denominations who can no longer travel to church, prays for them and gives them essentials including soap, sugar, tea leaves and clothing. They operate a village bank where women can save and borrow to support their families.

Strengths: Mulumba and Jennifer are gifted pastors and administrators who actively pursue showing the love of God in tangible ways to all.

Mulumba - December 26
Jennifer - October 6

Anniversary: February 26

Nanjego Joyline - July 20, 1999
Namuwanya Jovia - November 23, 2000
Kwagalakwamukama Jose - March 1, 2003
Muwanguzi Jese - October 20, 2009

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