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Kabangu & Jocelyne Leon-Merveille
Conquest Mission International

Cote D'ivoire


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2011

Biography: Kabangu and Jocelyne co-pastor Conquest Mission International in the cosmopolitan city of Abidjan. The ministry began in 2006 with their family and five additional people in a Muslim area of the city. The ministry has grown tremendously, with a goal of planting five new churches in the next five years. Kabangu tells us, "We are a missionary church and our vision is summed up in three words: evangelism, training, and missions." Before beginning this ministry, Kabangu served as a missionary in Congo, Angola, South Africa, Gabon, Benin and Togo.

The church has a children's program and a very large youth ministry. They have 25 cell groups which meet during the week. The ministry also has a Bible school, in which Kabangu is the director.

Strengths: Kabangu and Jocelyn are gifted in prayer, evangelism and training.

Kabangu - January 21
Jocelyne - February 23

Anniversary: July 21

Princess - September 9, 1998
Shamah - June 17, 2002

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