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Samuel & Deborah Ndizeye
Church of God of Central Africa in Rwanda


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2011

Biography: Church of God of Central Africa in Rwanda began in 1982. Samuel began ministry as an usher and an evangelist before becoming a pastor. He became the church's senior pastor in 1998. The ministry has grown with 15 branches and pastors. The mission statement of the church is to preach the gospel of Jesus all over the world according to Christ's commandment in Matthew 28.

The church has children's and youth ministries. The focus of the church is prayer. Their vision is to plant churches with the gospel of Jesus and train "Timothys" for the next generation.

Strengths: Samuel is a gifted pastor and evangelist, moving in words of wisdom and knowledge.

Samuel - May 27
Deborah - January 1

Anniversary: December 21

Rachel Icyizakora - May 23, 1997
Zibiah Ndahishimye - April 6, 2000
Eliezer Shimimana - April 17, 2004
Zephaniah Uwakristo - June 28, 2007

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