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Enock & Theodorah Ondara
Magwonda Self Help Group


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: August 2012

Biography: Magwonda Self Help Group began in 2006 and consists of men and women who have dedicated their time and energy to serve others, the community and its environment, and the world at large while sharing the good news of the gospel to all the needy and unprivileged. These dedicated men and women are from various denominations, and shares Christ at the market places in the three districts of Kisii county. The group has instituted itself as a local spiritual development and warfare leaders, but also piloted and identified suitable models for village resource management and a role model for Christian values. Enock's position in this group is one of a leader.

The vision for the group is to nurture a growing healthy society, both spiritually and socially, which can sustain its developmental needs in an ecologically well-conserved environment where Christ is regarded as the key pillar in every aspect of action, and individual rights are recognized and safe guarded.

Evangelism projects include training medical missionaries for lay evangelism with light ministries one on one, training Bible instructors through the association of ministry training centers world-wide, using internet materials, and daily devotional blessings on Facebook.

Strengths: Enock and Theodora have a strong desire to improve the lives of communities, spiritually and socially.

Enock - February 22
Theodora - July 29

Anniversary: October 30

Clinton - December 12, 1998
Millicent - September 13, 2002
Cellin - August 10, 2007

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