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Paul Bonaventure & Jeanne Iyamuremye
Revival Baptist Christian Church and Christian Methodist Episcopal Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: December 2011

Biography: Revival Baptist Christian Church started in 1992 with 25 people meeting in a rented house, but in 2001 they were able to get a plot of land and build a church. They have preached the gospel in areas to the east, west, north and south. Paul and Jeanne work with organizations to help train youth into leadership, to help those with HIV/AIDS and to assist meeting the basic needs of children. Their vision is to spread God's Kingdom, cooperating with others in Rwanda and abroad. Plans include expanding pastoral training in leadership, expanding prayer training, women's training, and continuing to work in cooperation with other churches.

The church has nursery and children's programs with a very active youth ministry separated by age groups which focuses on teaching the Word, teaching them about the Holy Spirit and giving them a good foundation which will help them their entire lives. They have a cell group called "Abiginzi" which prays all night Friday into Saturday then goes to visit families and patients in hospitals. Evangelism projects include planting and building new churches. The government has given them a plot where a hospital can be built as well.

Strengths: Paul is gifted in church planting and training new pastors. He has an open heart to learn and work with others to best minister to the body of Christ.

Paul - November 20
Jeanne - May 1

Anniversary: October 26

Mary Grace - January 14, 1999
Joyce - July 11, 2000
Moses - May 1, 2002
Dorcas - August 4, 2003
Ruth - May 10, 2006
Kenneth - October 14, 2009
Paul and Jeanne also care for orphans, Aline, Alfred, Alliance and Innocent.

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