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Isaac & Teresa Okenagwa
Faith Life Saints Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: December 2011

Biography: Faith Life Saints Church was started in 2008 in the wake of post-election violence in Kenya. Their vision is to preach peace and reconciliation to all tribes, and have a mission statement which is: proclaiming the heavenly kingdom to all people.

The church has nursery, children's and youth programs, as well as children's, youth and adult church choirs. The emphasis of the ministry is leadership training.

Strengths: Isaac and Teresa are gifted musically, and have the passion to bring peace to their nation.

Isaac - October 23
Teresa - April 10

Anniversary: March 2

Alfred - November 28, 2001
Daniel - April 5, 2003
Nancy - January 2, 2005
Carol - May 4, 2007

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