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Fred & Esther Kawadwa
Bible Life Christian Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: March 2012

Biography: After serving eleven years as associate pastors, and three years assisting a newly starting church and raising up a pastor for that church, Fred and Esther felt called to begin Bible Life Christian Church in 2010 in a less populated area. Fred tells us after all these years, he realizes that he is gifted in teaching and raising leaders for the church. The church currently rents a school facility for their meetings and services.

The ministry has Bible study classes, where trained ministers lead discussions on the word of God and give class members the opportunity to ask questions and explain how they understand certain concepts. Children's teachers teach the children in the word, music, dance and drama. The church helps orphans and destitute children and infants by meeting their basic necessities of life and plan to formally open an orphanage very soon. The ministry has a youth ministry and holds a number of activities both to generate income for the youth, and as a mobilization tool to gather other youth and reach them with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism projects include a week of evangelism every April, annual youth camp every 2nd term holiday, national convention every November, and an end of the year rally every December 31st.

Strengths: Fred is an eloquent speaker and teacher, seasoned counselor, and a friendly and outgoing preacher.

Fred - February 23
Esther - March 14

Anniversary: February 23

Family: Fred and Esther have four adult children, Josephua, David, Margaret and Moses.

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