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Steve Walter & Hephzibah Rebbavarapu
Hope Grace Church and Hope for All Ministries

Andhra Pradesh,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN:June 2013

Biography: In 2005, Hope Grace Church and Hope for All Ministries began in Andhra Pradesh, India. Steve and Hephzibah started their church planting ministry using the ten New Testament audio tapes they created. Steve's ability as a computer audio technician and his acquisition of different Indian languages provide the means for these New Testament recordings. Their passion is to reach 100,000 people through their Complete the Great Commission Project. They planted and built 17 churches within the area and minister in a local orphanage and senior care facility. Within their own church they have four cell groups who listen to their audio Bible every day. Their vision is to proclaim God's agape love to every culture through word and deed.

Strengths: Steve and Hephzibah are highly motivated to reach the lost. They offer a true love for people as evident in their gifts of evangelism, teaching and discipleship.

Birthdays: Steve May 14 Hephzibah April 16

Anniversary: June 23, 2005

Beulah September 24, 2007
Aditya June 29, 2009
Angel June 21, 2010

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