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Douglas & Christine Okello
United Christian Ministries


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2012

Biography: United Christian Ministries began in 1994 meeting in a classroom in a primary school in Lira. Douglas tells us, "God was able to make us raise eight branch churches although there was a lot of insurgency in the northern part of the country during that time." In 2002 the head of the ministry transferred to heaven. Due to rebel activities during that time, many of their churches were burnt down and Christians were forced to go to camps. They began over once again with just one church. They now have five churches opened. In August of 2011, Douglas was elected as the general overseer for the ministry.

Douglas knows that their ministry calling is in evangelism. It is their heart's desire to reach souls globally, building churches, orphanages, schools and health centers in districts that are less fortunate. He desires to build a center that can be a refuge for many and build unity among believers of Christ for the glory of God. Douglas has a construction company and the profit from that is used to support their evangelism projects, the needy and his own family.

The churches in the ministry have nursery, children's and very active youth, including District Youth Leaders, Assembly Youth Leaders and Church Youth Leaders.

Strengths: Douglas and Christine are gifted in the area of evangelism and caring for others in their time of need. They desire to reach across denominational and tribal barriers.

Douglas - August 8
Christine - December 27

Anniversary: May 25

Graciouse Dianne - February 22, 2006
Emmanuel Joe - January 31, 2008
Caleb Leo - October 10, 2010

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