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V Venkatram Naik
Banjara Tribal Welfare Society


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: October 2015

Biography: Banjara Tribal Welfare Society was founded in 1996 by Venkatram and Koma Naik. BTW Society is a ministry reaching out to the Tribal Villages of Nalgonda district of Telangana state. There are over 500 villages, which are far removed from the cities and found in forests and hill areas. In addition to spreading the Gospel in these villages, BTW Society actively ministers to them by educating them on how to improve and maintain healthy living conditions and HIV prevention, as well as improving child literacy. There are small groups, which meet once a month in each village, to worship and learn about Jesus. They have a vision and passion for winning souls for Christ and want to reach every corner of the Tribal Community in Telangana State! Almost 25 years ago, Koma suffered from many health problems and even though they had sought medical help, there were no answers. Venkatram and Koma would pray to silver and gold Hindu gods, which would never respond and they lost all hope of Koma's recovery. This is where they were introduced to Jesus by a neighbor, and began attending church and receiving the Gospel. Both Venkatram and Koma believed with their whole hearts and Koma was healed! Praise God! They know there is only one God and he is alive!

Strengths: Venkatram and Koma's hearts are for the lost, and both are gifted teachers dedicated to creating disciples and sharing the love of Jesus!

Venkatram - December 12th
Koma - January 1st

Wedding Anniversary: November 14

Ramesh - October 8, 1982
Dr. Ganesh - February 8, 1984

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