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Jared & Martha Nyabuto
Mogonga Fellowship


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2015

Biography: Mogonga Fellowship began in 2011 as a home group. Through house to house evangelism, the membership has increased to 30. Although smaller in number, they have eight musicians, men's and women's ministry, along with children and youth programs.

Martha pastors this group with the support and encouragement from her husband and family. They have the ambitious vision to reach others within their community, the surrounding areas and throughout all of Kenya.

Strengths: Martha describes her strength to be evangelism.

Birthdays: Martha - June 15 Jared - May 1

Wedding Anniversary: April 4

Geoffrey - November 1, 1996
Lidya - September 5, 1999
Caleb - July 6, 2001
Kevin - October 11, 2003
Janet - February 3, 2005

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