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George Muller Vemuri
Andrew's Baptist Church

Andhra Pradesh,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: October 2015

Biography: George Muller Vemuri felt led by the Holy Spirit to begin Andrew's Baptist Church in May of 2006 in Kakinada. It is a coastal, industrial area where there are over 40,000 Christians alone! Their church vision is to reach the lost, heal all those oppressed by sickness in their community and to expand our Father's Kingdom here on Earth! Andrew's Baptist Church meets every week on Sundays to worship and fellowship, as well as, throughout the week in small cell groups. They have an active Sunday school and women's ministry, which helps encourage their Faith and empowers them to walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

George's family is both involved in the ministry and dedicated to furthering the Kingdom of God. They have learned to celebrate and lean on God's faithfulness to supply and meet all their needs!

Strengths: George is a gifted evangelist and visionary who emphasizes preparing and building up children in Faith.

George - September 29th
Esther Rani - January 5th

Wedding Anniversary: June 10th

Susan Beulah - July 23rd, 1982
Sally Beatrice - August 18th, 1985
Shirley Betsy - January 13th, 1987
Smiley Rosiana Bessy - May 20th, 1995

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