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Davi & Marci Feijoli
Evangelical Community of Vila da Penha



Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: June 2003

Biography: When Davi was a teenager, he felt that God would have a specific purpose for his life. He spent a lot of time in prayer in his bedroom, at church and on the hills. In those times he learned music and took part in the worship team in his local church. God was always telling Davi through His prophets that He would send him as far as the four corners of the world. Marci offered her life to the Lord when she was twelve years old. After that time God used her powerfully, and she also received many confirmations that God would send her to many different places. When Davi and Marci were married, this special revelation began, and together they have been spreading God's Word in many cities, states of Brazil and other nations.

Today they work with the leadership of their church in making arrangements for crusades in several cities in Brazil and in other nations such as Argentina, Portugal and Germany. Davi also assists in the music.

Strengths: Davi ministers through the keyboard and electric guitar with spontaneous anthems, laying hands on His servants and prophetic intercession. Marci is gifted in teaching the Word, personal evangelism in the hospital and personal ministry through laying on of hands and prophetic intercession.

Davi - December 12
Marci - March 16

Anniversary: April 4

Davih Felipe - June 25, 2004

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