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Jay & Meridel Rawlings
Jerusalem Vistas



Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: Charter Member

Biography: Jay and Meridel have served the Lord in Jerusalem for more than thirty years. Today they are seen on television and are witnessing the increased interest in "spirituality" among the Jewish people who have begun reading the Word of God.

Jerusalem Vistas newsletter reaches into seventy nations, and the television program, Israel Vision, covers an estimated audience of millions. Still, the facilities and projects are very much products of the family that has put its roots into the Israeli soil, its heart into the Israeli people, history, tradition, and cultures. Israel Vision, the television media facility, has produced fifty videos documenting history as it unfolds.

Strengths: Jay and Meridel are gifted communicators sharing their love of the Messiah with Jewish people, and understanding of them with the gentiles throughout the world.

Jay - February 22
Meridel - November 19

Anniversary: April 25

Family: Jay and Meridal have two sons, Josh and Daniel.

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